Thursday, May 1, 2014

New York Shopping Haul

My kids had April vacation last week and my hubby also wanted to go to the NYC car we headed down for two days for a mini vacation. We didn't do much shopping but I did purchase a couple of items. 

First night we stop by the Mitsuwa Marketplace. We had dinner there since it was near our hotel. 

Mitsuwa Marketplace is a Japanese supermarket chain in America, with locations in California, New Jersey, and Illinois. The corporate headquarters are in Torrance, California in Greater Los Angeles (taken from Wikipedia). 

So after dinner ( food wasn't great ) we walked around the market and I purchased a few bags of chocolates to give as souvenirs. And two packages of Lululan face sheet masks. The chocolates were around $6 a bag. And the masks were around $7 a bag. Each bag contains 7 sheet masks. 

I never tried or heard of these masks before. But of course I never really kept up with products that people are using or buying that often. When I got home I realized that I over paid for these item. And also reviews aren't that great. So I guess I have to try them out myself to see if I really like them or not. These mask would be my first Japanese sheet masks. So I am kind of excited. 

The next day we had dinner in flushing Chinatown and afterwards we went to another market and I picked up two boxes of My Scheming sheet masks. I've tried this brand before and like them so I was excited to try these two new scents or types. Originally a box cost around $12 for 10 masks. It was on sale for $8. 

Time to try some new things now so see you all later. And I'll let you know how these masks are worth the purchase or not. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Face Shop - Pearl - Essential Mask Sheet

Now that the weather is warmer...I'm starting to use more of my sheet masks. I finally tried my first 'The Face Shop' sheet mask. I'm not sure the exact name of it but the package says Essential Mask Sheet, Pearl.   

See image:
I've purchased this mask a while back in New York. I believe this cost me $2.

From The Face Shop website this mask is suppose to do:

1) Instant brightening & illuminating
2) Pearl is well known for it's amazing skin brightening function: brings an instant glow to the skin
3) Great for dull/pigmented skin

And like all sheet masks the instructions are all pretty much the same. 

This particular one says:
1) pull out sheet mask
2) unfold and place it on face
3) remove after 15-20 minutes and let it absorb into skin. 

One important step I think they left out is that you should always clean and tone skin before using sheet masks. 

So what's my impressions of this sheet mask?

I don't like it and I won't re-buy. 

First thing that hit me when opening the packet was the smell. OMG!!  It was soo strong. It was very heavily perfumed. Some kind of floral scent. It made me feel a little nauseous while using it. So if you're someone who's sensitive to smell you need to stay away from this sheet mask. 

The mask was also very thick. This usually doesn't bother me but for this particular mask it didn't stick to my face very well. Is it because of the material the used?  The sheet mask was pretty large so for people out there that has a larger facer like me than you don't have to worry it not fitting. 

There's not enough essence in one mask. This might also be the reason why it didn't stick to my face that well. 

I left the mask on for 15 minutes. Once the mask was removed I tried to message the essence into my skin. I noticed the mask left a very sticky film on my face. I waited for it to dry a little more and the film still remained. I do not like this feeling. Also there's no instant brightening or moisturizing effect. 

I was glad I did purchase this one mask to try. It wasn't worth the $2 but at lease I know not to buy again or to buy it in bulk. There's a couple more The Face Shop mask i still have in my stash. Hopefully those would be a huge disappointment like this one. 

What are some of your favorite sheets masks?  Let me know. I would love to continue to try more. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I know I'm a little late for this but I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!  I hope everyone had time to spend with friends and family...have good food to eat...and received gifts you guys all wanted. 

I'm thankful that I had all of that this year. It's so nice to be close to people you love and how everyone is so happy around the holidays. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!!